Dog Clippers

While short-haired dogs control their coats through shedding, long-haired dogs necessitate frequent coat maintenance to keep up with hygiene stan...dards and manage seasonal temperature changes. This type of grooming can be done at home or in a salon, but either way the most necessary tool of the trade are dog clippers. These electric or battery powered, handheld trimmers are made specifically for dog hair and give an even cut all over for a clean look. They can also be used to create detail work and shapes in the fur by changing our blade types and lengths. At Frank Rowe & Son, our dog clippers run the gamut when it comes to function – we’ve got every type of clipper you can imagine at several price points. Our corded clippers offer either a single or multi speed motor and feature brands like Andis, Oster, Wahl and more. Our cordless and mini clippers vary in speed and battery life but offer superb flexibility in hard-to-reach areas. Maintain your clippers with our replacement blades, cleaners and accessories to keep your grooming at peak style and efficiency every day.

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