Styptics and Stop Bleeding

Dog nail care requires a high degree of patience and coordination, but sometimes even the professionals underestimate the length of the quick or the sudden movements of the pup. That’s why anyone trimming nails or grooming dogs in general should keep styptics around, just in case. Usually found in powder or pencil form, a styptic is a rapid-acting coagulant agent that will stop bleeding from the nail area. Frank Rowe and Son offers many such compounds in both powder form and as part of kits that include applicators. Once bleeding has stopped, clean the wound and apply a bandage – or one of our liquid bandages, making sure to keep the dog stationary for a while to allow it to heal. Don’t be afraid to trim a dog’s nails, even if they are dark in color and the quick is hidden. Just go slow, cutting off a little at a time and be ready to treat with a styptic if necessary.

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