Thinning/Blending Dog Grooming Shears

Frank Rowe and Son Inc. offers a range of thinning and blending dog grooming shears that provide professional dog groomers with the precision and control they need to achieve a variety of grooming styles. These thinning and blending shears are designed with high-quality materials and ergonomic handles that reduce hand fatigue and provide a comfortable and secure grip. The teeth of the thinning shears are designed to remove bulk and blend different lengths of coat, while the blades of the blending shears are designed to soften and blend the coat. The thinning and blending dog grooming shears come in different sizes to accommodate different breeds and coat types of dogs. With Frank Rowe and Son Inc.'s thinning and blending dog grooming shears, professional dog groomers can achieve excellent grooming results while providing a comfortable and safe experience for their furry clients.

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