Dog Dryers

The best facilities outfit their salons with high quality dog dryers from Cage dryers are very popular, as they provide a low-intensity flow of warm air to dry the coat in a natural way. Low pressure dryers can also be placed on stands if that situation is better for the layout of the room. Stand dryers also mean less risk of a dog coming too close to the dryer. Forced air dryers are more like human-style hair dryers in that the air flow can be pretty strong and is meant to be used for a short time and with a trained motion toward and away from the coat. These types of dryers are great for removing large amounts of excess water immediately following a bath and before utilizing a low-flow dryer. All these types of dryers come in different sizes, speeds and colors, giving you several options for outfitting your grooming facility with exactly what you need. Shop dog dryers at Frank Rowe & Son today!