PetEdge's Own Brands

Putting Quality and Value into Our Own Brand Product Offerings

PetEdge brands are renowned among pet professionals for providing the best possible quality and prices on merchandise for our valued customers. We're constantly looking for ways to expand our selection, based on what groomers and pet professionals need.

Here are some perks of our own brand products. We work with dozens of suppliers and product-testing facilities to:

  • Test more than 1,000 of our own brand products against leading national brands to ensure great value and quality that is equal to or better than other offers
  • Control the quality of our products from the manufacturer to your home, and drive down prices to save you money
  • Change the formulas for hundreds of items to ensure superior quality
  • Introduce new products each year, all at unbeatable prices

The next time you shop, compare any PetEdge own brand product with its national brand counterpart, and discover a great perk of PetEdge.

Our own brands:

Master Equipment™ — Master equipment for professional groomers, ranked among the best in the pet-care industry. From tables and tubs to dryers, stools, and replacement parts and accessories. Professionally designed and ergonomically refined with the busy groomer in mind.

Master Grooming Tools — High quality grooming tools for pet professionals, including grooming brushes, combs, blades, shears, and lots more. Designed by Professional Groomers for Groomers.

ProSelect® — Professional crates, cages, cage banks, and dog bowls, feeders, and dishes.

Top Performance® — Health care, dental care, eye and ear care, cleanup, stain and odor control, flea and tick, and beauty products trusted by consumers and pet professionals worldwide.

ikaria® — Shampoos, conditioners, and mists formulated with rich and luxurious ingredients and a silky creamy formula for the highest-quality spa products for pets.

Aria® — Colorful and flirty grooming bows, barrettes, bandanas, and accessories for pets.

Zanies® — From balls and chew toys, to squeaky and rope toys, Zanies offers toys for every cat and dog. Ranked the #2 source for dog toys by pet retailers for eight years in a row!

Guardian Gear® — Tested-tough outdoor, travel, and training gear for pets.

Casual Canine® and East Side Collection® — Colorful designer shirts, dresses, hoodies, jackets, and coats for pets at wholesale prices. Also collars, leads, harnesses, pet carriers, and more! Ranked the #1 source for pet professionals for eight years running!

Pet Studio® — Pet furniture and homeware in stylish designs for every home.

Clean Go Pet® — Dog sanitation and cleanup products, including puppy pads, waste bags, diapers, wraps, and more.

Ranch Rewards® — Delicious bones, treats, chews, and rawhide for dogs.

Slumber Pet — Warm and comfy mattresses, blankets, crate beds, and mats for pets.

Total Pet Health — Health, medical, flea and tick, and breeding supplies for pets.

And many more brands!

See our BRAND DIRECTORY for a complete listing of these exclusive PetEdge brands and other exciting manufacturers of pet grooming and care products.

PetEdge remains committed to providing our customers with quality national and private-brand products at unbeatable prices. For over 60 years we’ve been delivering on our promise to provide customers with the quality products they need and want at a price they can afford to help them save money and grow their business.

PetEdge is supplementing its quality promise with a staffed toll free number for product inquiries. Additionally, customers can find product information at PetEdge is asking customers to share their favorite PetEdge items by encouraging them to rate the products and offer reviews.