Master Equipment Tub Faucet


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Chrome-plated Master Equipment™ Tub Faucet fits grooming tubs with 4" center mounts. Innovative handle design is easy to operate when hands are wet.

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Our chrome-plated Master Equipment™ Tub Faucet is designed with busy groomers in mind. Perfect for your dog washing station.
  • Handles are easy for wet, soapy hands to shut off and on
  • Unique plastic spacer plate provides a snug, leak-proof attachment to tub wall
  • Durable construction gives years of dependable service

Fits all grooming tubs with 4" center mounts. Assembly required.

Size: Thread size is ½", 14 TPI (Threads Per Inch); Fits 4" center mounts


Water Flow

20 PSI

 6.75 gallons

30 PSI

8.19 gallons

40 PSI

9.24 gallons

50 PSI

10.01 gallons

60 PSI

10.93 gallons

Faucet extends 1.75" from the tub wall

Standard Kitchen Faucet
Parts List:

  1. Faucet Assembly (1)
  2. Plastic Spacer Plate (1)
  3. Mounting Nuts (2)
  4. Riser Nuts (2)
Tools Needed (not included): Adjustable Wrench, Plumber’s Putty

To Install:
  1. Shut off water supply before installation.
  2. Apply a thin layer of plumber’s putty to the top of the Plastic Spacer Plate (B) and attach to the underside of the Faucet Assembly (A). Apply a layer of putty to the underside of the spacer plate and attach faucet onto the tub wall. Make sure faucet is centered properly on the 4" center mounting holes. Tub wall should be clean and dry for proper putty adhesion. Any additional predrilled faucet holes should be plugged.
  3. Attach a Mounting Nut (C) to each valve stem and tighten to secure. Do not overtighten. Wipe off any excess putty from tub and faucet surfaces with a clean, soft cloth.
  4. Attach hot and cold water supply hoses to the valve stems with Riser Nuts (D). Do not overtighten.
  5. Turn on water supply and turn on faucet to check for leaks.
Care Instructions: Clean with mild soap and water or chrome-safe cleaner. Do not use harsh abrasives or cleaners that could damage the polished finish.

Download Specifications (PDF File)

California P65 WarningCalifornia P65 Warning
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