Dog Playpens

Common wisdom warns us of the difficulty in herding cats, but to be honest, the same can be said for puppies. The curious little tots will rumble and roll, wandering every which way and tearing up whatever is in their paths. But unlike cats, puppies and even older dogs can be easily contained in dog playpens. These collapsible panels are easy to set up in the house, out in the yard or even on the go, ensuring that our little friends stay safe and contained wherever you want them to be. At PetEdge, we’ve got playpens that are specific to puppies as well as more versatile models that can be used for dogs of all ages. Add some security and shade with our pen covers and keep those pooches happy and accounted for. Our high-quality dog playpens are great for in-house use or retail sale, keeping your customers happy and their dogs safe.

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