Dog Crate Beds

Dog crates are useful and often necessary. Crate training puppies is a great way to teach them household routines and manners. Anxious and older dogs may feel comforted by the security of a crate. And crates are the safest way to transport any pet inside a moving vehicle. But before a dog curls up for a nap or trip, add a dog crate bed to make the whole experience more comfortable and convenient. A good crate bed will not only offer a nice place to lie down, but it will put less pressure on their joints, allowing for a longer stay if or when needed. And a proper, quality crate bed, like the ones we offer at PetEdge, will be less prone to being chewed or torn apart than towels or blankets. Shop for the perfect dog crate bed for your pet right here at PetEdge.

Creating a safe and comfortable space inside your pet’s crate is important for fostering trust and understanding – whether you are potty training or using it as a shelter or carrier. When it comes to the comfort part of that equation, there are two main options: dog crate mats and dog beds. A dog crate bed is generally larger and fluffier – it supports the joints and offers a soft and cozy foundation for sleep. If you are using the crate only for bedtimes, this is an excellent choice, and your dog will love you for it. However, if you are using the crate for more than just rest times, like for travel or training, a dog crate mat might be a better bet. They are flatter and make it easier for the pup to stand or move around in without getting tripped up. They are also easier to wash if there are accidents – some are even waterproof for ease of cleaning. Either way, both beds and mats are superior to towels and blankets, as they are less prone to being chewed apart and are made of pet-friendly, non-toxic materials. Shop for the perfect dog crate bed or mat right here at PetEdge.

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