Nylon Dog Toys

Gone are the days when people could just hand a dog a bone from the butcher. With today's technology we have far better ways for dogs to get their chew on without risking splintered bone or making a gross mess on the floor. Nylon dog toys have proven to be one of the most popular and safe alternatives that dogs really love, and a wide variety of shapes and toys are available in nylon. Nylon is a thermoplastic substance that can easily be shaped and is very durable. It can be made in varying levels of density and each type of nylon dog toy will have a different hardness; dogs generally like some level of softness for satisfying chewing but it will vary from dog to dog. Your dog should be able to gnaw on them and even damage them to some extent. Just make sure the toy is never small enough for the pup to swallow and they will enjoy chewing safely all day long. At PetEdge we stock a variety of Nylon toys including tug toys, gnawing sticks and balls that pets and their owners absolutely love.

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