Dog Nail Clippers

Nail clipping is one of the most essential parts of dog grooming, as leaving nails too long can cause pain, broken nails, and difficulty walking. Nail trimming can also cause some anxiety on dogs, so having the best setup will help both the groomer and the pup immensely. There are a few different styles of clippers, each with its own benefits. Scissor-style clippers can be enormously powerful and easy to access awkwardly grown nails and dew claws, while guillotine clippers are generally easier to use. Nails should be trimmed to approximately 2mm of the quick. Dogs with black or dark-colored nails where the quick is not visible will have a chalky, white ring as you approach the quick, so cutting in multiple short increments will help. At Frank Rowe and Son, we sell a full line of dog nail care, including many different brands of both guillotine and scissor style dog nail clippers. We have individual pairs, sets for grooming professionals, and even sell full grooming kits with nail clippers included for both home and professional grooming applications. 

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