Kennel Loops & AC Leads

Kennel loops and AC leads are perhaps one of the most necessary supplies to keep in stock at any animal handling business, be it a veterinarian office, a grooming salon or a kennel. Also known as slip leads, these one-piece leads function as both leash and collar, usually for animals that need to transition in or out of areas quickly. Each lead has a small, metal ring on one end that can be ‘slipped’ through the rope portion, creating an adjustable loop to use around a dog’s neck. 


Our braided leads are very popular, inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk for any facility. Our webbed nylon kennel leads can also be bought in packs and feature flat-woven webbing in an array of colors. Use within the facility or gift to customers for their business, either way these slip leads will keep dogs happy and under control when a regular collar and leash does not work well.

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