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Traveling with dogs is difficult enough without the right setup, so using a crate for any kind of travel can be extremely useful. Crates come in a variety of sizes and materials with the most popular being plastic, wire, or fabric. For smaller dogs, fabric is very convenient - being lightweight and collapsible makes travel and storage a cinch. Plastic crates are perhaps the most common variety, combining sturdy, inexpensive materials that are easy to clean and extraordinarily strong. 


Wire crates, which are made of this metal bars and are collapsible, are increasingly common and allow for more visual interaction with the world from the dog inside. Aside from just travel, crates are good for home containment, potty training and giving dogs a sense of security. At Boss PetEdge, we offer a fantastic variety of all 3 types of crates in an assortment of sizes. Stock your shelves with our wholesale dog crates that are priced for profit and packaged for resale!

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