Wholesale Pet Ear Care

Dog and cat ears are exceptional at collecting dirt, parasites, germs, and grime, and doubly so for long-eared breeds like spaniels and hounds. Keeping the skin and fur inside ears hygienic and healthy takes commitment and patience but isn’t difficult. The main goal of ear care is to prevent pests and parasites while keeping the area clean and within the correct range of pH balance. Problems with pH are usually seen when there is presence of a strong odor, redness, swelling or. Mites and fleas inside the ear folds cause the animal to scratch or paw at their ears. Dogs with pendulous ears close to the ground, like the basset hound or cocker spaniel, come into close contact with dirt that can build up quickly and spawn infections easily. In all of these situations, a thorough ear cleaning is necessary. Liquid cleaners and flushes are applied directly into the ear or onto a cotton ball placed in the ear and then gently wiped away. If too much moisture is the issue, ear powders soak up the excess and keep the area dry. Mite treatments prevent them from settling in the ear and chase out any that may have taken up residence. Boss PetEdge carries a wide variety of wholesale pet ear care products, all ready for immediate use or resale, so stock up today!

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