Wholesale Dog Scoops

Even though it is an unglamourous chore, there are a whole host of reasons to scoop dog poop as frequently as possible. Animal waste that sits on the ground can pollute the water, causing damage to your grass or the surrounding environment. It can also harbor bacteria like Giardia, Salmonella and E. coli that are detrimental to a dog’s health – and can even be passed on to humans. Waste in a yard or along a walkway is easily stepped in and tracked through houses or businesses, creating unsanitary indoor environments as well. Pooper scoopers offer an inexpensive and easy no-touch method to cleaning up waste. The claw style scooper grabs waste with a hand-like mechanism and is simple to operate one handed but must be deposited into a receptacle with each scoop. Pan-style scoops require two handed operation but can scoop several times before depositing into a receptacle. Either way, these scoopers don’t require bag refills and are sturdy and long lasting. At Boss PetEdge, we sell wholesale dog scoops in bulk with fantastic prices – allowing for large-scale use or easy and profitable resale.

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