Wholesale Dog Collars

The typical dog collar provides both safety and style for both pet and owner – it makes control and identification possible while also keying into perso...nality and self-identity. BossPetEdge.com offers wholesale and bulk collar purchases so that your business can offer the best products to your customers at great prices. Our most popular collars are made of nylon and have a tough and pliable weave varying in size and thickness. These are durable, inexpensive, and adjustable within a specific size range for excellent fit. Nylon collars sport either a metal buckle or plastic clip closure and can be personalized, reflective or decorative. Martingale collars are constructed of either nylon or nylon and chain and safely tighten without choking when pulled on. Other specialty collars and accessories like chain collars, prong collars, gentle leaders and bark collars can also be purchased in bulk. Dog collar sizing is measured in inches around the circumference of the neck and nylon colors can be selected in multiple sizes and colors for a bulk order. These collars offer great potential for resale and your customers will be happy with the look and quality – so shop BossPetEdge.com today!

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