Wholesale Dog Tees and Tanks

We all have that favorite t-shirt that is cute, comfy and makes us happy to be wearing it. Why shouldn’t our dogs get to feel the same way? Whether it is showing team colors on game day, keeping warm on a brisk walk, or just having fun playing dress-up, dog tee shirts are universally adored. Aside from highlighting their personality and attracting the maximum amount of love and ear scratches, dog tee shirts can protect against skin irritations due to allergies or injuries and are very commonly worn after surgeries to protect the wound. At BossPetEdge, we have seen how our wholesale dog tee shirts attract retail buyers either in an apparel aisle or as an impulse upsell. These products have great margin and display well, with diverse designs to fit the size and personality of any dog. Stock your aisles with these well-priced and professionally retail-packaged items for easy sales and profit!

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