Wholesale Dog Sweaters

In the winter, snow dogs like Malamutes and Huskies may frolic on icy sidewalks and in deep snow drifts, but most breeds will become extremely uncomfortable quite quickly. Suppressed temperatures are not kind to small pups and short haired dogs, who need to retain warmth as much as possible during winter months. Older dogs may benefit the most from a heat-retaining sweater, even in milder temperatures. Geriatric activity levels and a high occurrence of arthritis make it more difficult for them to stay moving around and keeping warm. Dog sweaters give pups that toasty, happy feeling all day long, not to mention the adorable looks and heads they will turn in cable-knit cuteness. And a cute sweater adds sophistication to anyone’s winter and holiday wardrobe. Give your customers aisles full of choices in sweaters for their dogs – choices nobody could resist throwing in the cart on a brisk day. Boss PetEdge has a great selection of dog sweaters at great bulk and resale prices for the pet retail market. These make great gifts and model fantastically on our dog mannequins, so stock up today for some excellent, eye-catching store placements.

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