TropiClean natural shampoo has been around since 1992 and is known as an industry leader in pet products featuring safe, natural ingredients. Fresh, tropical fragrances offer a unique approach to hygiene and odor control, while being mild enough for sensitive skin and fur. Look for Tropiclean’s naturally sourced ingredients like coconut, aloe, papaya, mango and pomegranate. Choose from a multitude of formulas including deep clean, 2-in-one, medicated, puppy, deodorizing and whitening. Tropiclean even has an all-natural Flea and Tick shampoo that kills on contact, repels bugs afterward and is safe enough for repeated bathing. PetEdge sells Tropiclean shampoos in retail packaging or for bulk use, all at excellent prices. Try Tropiclean shampoo from PetEdge today for a great bath at a great value!

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