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Pet grooming is a booming business these days, as both mobile and brick and mortar grooming businesses are growing faster than the US economy as a whole. With growth can come growing pains, which is why PetEdge is here to help with outfitting any business or home with dog grooming equipment. Investing in good quality equipment from the start of your grooming endeavor will save money in the long run, as durability and ergonomics influence how long and how well the equipment can be utilized.

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We stock a wide variety of equipment like grooming tables, which include everything from portable folding tables to electric and hydraulic models. Our grooming tubs, including stainless steel, electric lift, and plastic models, can be ordered in multiple sizes and shapes to fit any area perfectly. Finish up with professional cages and dryers for a full-service salon that any dog would dream of. PetEdge is always on the *cutting edge* of dog grooming – shop for quality equipment at excellent values today!

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