Blade Usage Guide

Understanding the capabilities of different types of clipper blades can make you a more efficient groomer. Familiarizing yourself with the following terms and types of blades will help.

Clipper Blades

All clipper blades have two parts. The larger bottom blade, called the comb, feeds the hair into the top, or cutting, blade. The cutting blade is moved back and forth very quickly by the clipper motor to cut the hair.


Length of hair left when cutting against the natural grain of the coat, or on a dog breed with an off-standing coat, such as a Poodle or Bichon Frise. Cutting with the grain of the coat on most breeds leaves it one clipper blade length longer. For instance, a #7 clipper blade leaves approximately 1/8" hair when going against the grain, but will leave approximately 1/4" when going with the grain.

Skip Tooth Clipper Blades

Perfect for blending short areas with longer lengths. Ideal for coarse-coated breeds such as Terriers. The coarse or uneven teeth on a Skip Tooth will feed the hair into the cutting blade more effectively, which allows you to clip under mats. Often used before the bath for rough-cuts, and on dogs that must be shaved completely down.

Finishing/Full Cut Blades

The teeth on this blade are even, creating a smoother finish. Can be used before and after the bath. Used for a smoother finish or full shavedowns.


Cutting surface is wider than regular blades for larger breeds or faster stripdowns.

Surgical Blades

Used by veterinarians to prep an area for surgery by removing hair down to the skin. Also used for show cuts on Poodles. Best blades to use with Snap-on combs.

Blade Size Cut Usage
50 1/125" Surgical prep, Show Poodle’s feet, face and sometimes used to create patterns.
50SS 1/125" Stainless steel — harder, holds edge longer, rust-resistant.
40 1/100" Surgical prep, Show Poodle’s feet, face and pattern, Pet Poodle feet. Excellent for with Snap-on combs.
30 1/50" Pet Poodle feet and between pads of some dogs. Good for using with Snap-on combs.
15 3/64" Sensitive Poodle feet, pads, face on Poodles, Cockers and Terriers.
10 1/16" Sanitary trim (tummy & genital area), face on Poodles, Cockers and Terriers, or grooming most cats. A very short, but safe blade.
Wide 10 3/32" Similar to the size 10 blade, but with a wider blade sweep. Good for full-body shavedowns and large breeds.
T-84 3/16" Stripping heavy coats, medium length, wider cutting surface than standard clipper blades.
9 5/64" Sporting Breed’s necks and sometimes bodies, very smooth finish. Popular on Cockers, Springers and Schnauzer bodies.
8 1/2 7/64" Head, face, neck and sometimes body on Sporting Breeds and Terriers.
7 1/8" Skip tooth — body work on Sporting Breeds and Terriers, Pet Poodles, excellent for clipping matted dogs where blending is required.
7F/7FC 1/8" Finish clipper blade for 7 Skip Tooth, unmatted coats.
5 1/4" Skip Tooth, body work on Sporting Breeds and Terriers, Pet Poodles, body work on short trims on Lhasa Apsos and Shih-Tzus.
5F/5FC 1/4" Finish blade for 5 Skip Tooth.
4 3/8" Body work on the low-slung Terriers (West Highland White, Scottish, Cairn, etc.), Pet Poodles, short trims on Lhasa Apsos and Shih-Tzus.
4F/4FC 3/8" Finish blade for 4 Skip Tooth — also used against the lie of the coat of thick-coated Springers or Cockers for a very short but very smooth look.
3 or 3 3/4 1/2" Skip Tooth clipper blade, good for a plush, almost puppy look on Lhasas, Shih-Tzus, Old English Sheep Dogs - anything that you want to give a short, but not shaved look.
3 or 3 3/4FC 1/2" Finish Clipper Blade for 3 3/4 Skip Tooth — can also be used against the grain as with the 4F and 4FC.
5/8 HT 5/8" Finish Clipper Blade — good for slightly longer puppy cut.
3/4 HT 3/4" Finish Clipper Blade — longest blade cut available.
5/8 or 5/8 NC 1/32" Cutting surface is 5/8" across. For small areas. Ideal for setting patterns such as the Dutch Clip on Toy Poodles, great for small Poodle feet.