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Yuppy Puppy Bath Brush

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The Yuppy Puppy Bristled Bath Brush Works On All Coat Types!

  • Speeds up your bathing time
  • Soft but firm bristles quickly create rich lather
  • Gently lifts and removes dirt and debris
  • Lathers up those "hard to reach" places
  • Effectively lifts and removes undercoat for a fast deshed in the tub 
  • Scrubs dirty paws, nails and greasy ears clean
  • Softly exfoliates skin and descales lesions or "hotspots" to allow air to the skin so it can heal faster
  • Improves effectiveness of medicated and regular shampoos
  • Leaves pets super clean and smelling fresh longer
  • Specially designed easy-grip handle for full control and less hand stress
  • Easy to clean with your favorite sanitizer 
  • Works great on dogs, cats, and horses