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Wahl 10 Blade (NON-Adjustable)

SKU:  W10
Wahl 10 Blade (NON-Adjustable; size 10 only) for use with the Arco, Chromado, Bravura, and Motion Clippers Non-Adjustable surgical cut replacement blade Same ease of cutting efficiency as the Wahl ‘5 in 1’ blades Glides through even the toughest coats with ease • The '5 in 1' blade group is a specific blade group that fits on specialty clippers such as the Arco, Bravura, Chromado and Li+Pro interchangeably. They are easily detachable which makes them easier to clean than standard blades that require screws to be taken out for cleaning and maintenance. • There are currently 5 blades in the series: 2179-301 Fine; 2179-401 Coarse; 41884-7190 Pro Blade; 41873-7200 Non-Adjustable 45 blade; 41873-7230 Non-Adjustable 10 blade • This is the 41873-7230 Non-Adjustable #10 blade in the series. This blade is NON-Adjustable size 10 blade ONLY. It has a cut length of 1/16 inches or 1.8 mm. • This is a surgical/poodle blade and is not recommended for inexperienced users. It is in the family of '5 in 1' blades, not because of an adjustable feature, but because it is made of the same great tooth geometry and is made of the same strong and durable steel as the rest of the family of blades.