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UV Light Stick Kit

SKU UVLightStik2Kit
SKU:  UVLightStik2Kit

The Tool Klean Anti-Microbial UV Light Stik Appliance is an excellent way to *kill bacteria, fungus, ringworm on surfaces such as tables, dryers, cages, dog beds/toys, vacuums, counter tops, bathrooms, computer keyboards, phones, and any large items exposed to micro-organisms. 

Using a slow, low 90-second sweep of the surface does the job efficiently and quickly.

The Anti-Microbial UV Light Stik features digital controls with 5/15/30 minute timer, automatic shut off safety feature, and rechargeable battery with an adapter. 

Each UV Stik kit includes special eye protective glasses, skin protective gloves, and a bulb cleaning cloth. 

The powerful 4 watt UV bulb is wrapped in Shatterproof Safety Film (SSF) to protect against breakage. 

The UV Stik is portable, compact, and great for travelers. 

The UV Light Stik is EPA / FCC compliant.