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Master Equipment Superior Stainless Steel Tubs

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Made of 14 gauge, 304-type stainless steel, the high-quality Master Equipment™ Superior Stainless Steel Tub is extra durable with a brushed finish for a distinctive look. • Designed for strength and durability • Rust resistant • 14-gauge stainless steel • Best quality and price in the industry 48" Tub Size: 50.5" L x 27.25" W x 19.75" D on the outside. Basin measures 48" L x 24" W x 15" D. 60" Tub Size: 62" L x 27.25" W x 19.75" D on the outside. Basin measures 60"L x 27.25"W x 20"H. Each comes with a stainless steel ramp with a grey non-slip rubber covering, for easy pet entry/exit. Ramp can be stored under tub for easy access. Rubber sealant around the seams of the backsplash and sidsplashes prevent water leakage. Available in either left or right side drain and door options, this tub features three 7/8" plumbing holes, pre-installed drain assembly, and a long u-shaped grooming bar bolted to the backsplash for easy grooming loop attachment. *Please note -- door and ramp must be installed opposite of the drain. Includes a removable tub rack that can be set at a higher level to accommodate grooming smaller dogs. Please be sure to review your State or Municipal plumbing & electrical guidelines before purchasing. Material: 14-Gauge, 304-Type Stainless Steel Includes a removable tub rack that can be configured to accommodate any size dog. Two drain plumbing options: Right side drain with door on left Left side drain with door on right Incoming water ports available on both left and right side splashes. Faucet ports can accommodate 4" or 8" wall-mount faucets. Drain will always be on the opposite end of the door and ramp. Flexible drain hose with fitting on one end to thread onto tail piece on drain insert. Inside Diameter: 1.57" Outside Diameter: 1.77" Uses replacement drain TP8955. Length of Ramp: 38.5" fully extended.