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Tool Klean Hot Cup w/ glass beads

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 The Tool Klean Anti-Microbial Hot Cup is a powerful compact sanitizing appliance that *kills germs on metal hand tools quickly and efficiently in as little as 3 minutes.

Tool Klean's Hot Cup is the choice for these small tasks.  Drop them in the  the heat-conducting glass beads that reach temperatures up to 212 degrees F (boiling water temp) and the germs are gone.  Great choice for home, salon, tattoo, groomers and nail professionals.  

  • Easy on/off switch
  • Kills germs in 3 minutes
  • Sturdy aluminum interior
  • Comes with 2 bags of beads
  • Non slid locking tape strips included
  • Heats up in just 12 minutes
Available in three colors: White, Pink, and Purple