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The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide 4th Edition by Sam Kohl

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The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide 4th Edition

Author: Sam Kohl

The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide, by Sam Kohl. The 4th edition is a complete transformation of the textbook that countless groomers have used to learn their craft. All color pages with new color breed illustrations, completely rewritten instruction sets for 193 AKC breeds. Included, for the first time, popular alternative styles and pet trims. Readers will learn the grooming process from start to finish including the latest styling techniques and be able to explore, in-depth, the specialized equipment needed to create masterful grooming results. No other textbook teaches in a way that emphasizes the health, safety and well-being of both the dog and the groomer while maximizing time-saving techniques and presenting new income opportunities for groomers.

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