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Sensei Pro Crescent Combs

SKU SN2011 02
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Grooming can be a lot less painful with thoughtfully designed tools like our ergonomic Sensei® Pro Crescent Combs. Sensei® Pro Crescent Combs are called the Rolls-Royces of grooming combs for a reason. They are as beautiful as they are useful and will do a way better job. Plus, you'll have them forever. • Crescent combs are great for around the face and eyes • With a unique aluminum spine that is comfortable to hold, each comb provides a secure grip for groomers • The stainless steel pins are permanently attached and should last the life of the comb • Each pin is tapered to provide easy penetration of the coat "The Sensei combs are one of the most sturdy combs that I have tried. The handle is thick, making it easy and comfortable to hold. The texture of the handle allows a better grip. The variety is outstanding. I was able to pick the right comb for the coat type I was working with. The crescent comb are perfect for poodle top knots! High quality! These are the type of combs that last a lifetime!" Lorri Keller, CMG