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Resco Cordo-Hyde Spinner Leads w/ built in swivel CLEARANCE

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American-made Resco Cordo-Hyde Spinners were created when professional handlers asked us to create a spinner show lead for smaller dogs that rotate or spin around in the show ring.
It has a built-in swivel at the neck that keeps the lead from tangling when the dog rotates. When they spin you remain in control. No tangling or bunching to detract from the show performance. A neoprene rubber neck-pad takes the stress off the dog's throat when there is tension on the lead. The patch is small and unobtrusive so it doesn't detract from the dog's appearance in the show ring and training exercises.
  • Proudly hand-sewn in the USA
  • Wax coated cordo-hyde
  • Brass clip for a perfect fit
  • Soft trachea pad
Available in three colors: Black, White, and Wheat