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Oster VOLT Li+ION Cordless Clipper

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The Oster® Lithium+Ion® Volt clipper is designed with Heavy Duty Cordless Power and extreme Run Times in mind.

This unique clipper features a detachable Li-Ion battery that runs up to 2 hours on a single charge, while also providing quick charge capability to further extend your cordless cutting time. Its lightweight ergonomic design and extreme power from the Li-Ion battery technology helps you feel confident in achieving your best with each and every grooming.

• Li+Ion Battery provides continuous power and holds a longer charge
• Uses all A5® Detachable Blades
• Heavy Duty single speed rotary motor design (2400 SPM)
• Lightweight, ergonomic design
• Clear coat protectant
• Input voltage 110/240 volt 50/60 hz