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Master Grooming Prestige Thinning Shears by Sensei

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SKU:  TP7577
Hand-crafted by highly skilled and experienced craftspeople, Master Grooming Prestige Dog Grooming Thinning Shears by Sensei are a delight to hold, and amazing to use. Groom faster and more efficiently with less fatigue. Convex Edges for the smoothest most effortless cuts. Patent-pending Zero Gravity Tension System suspends the moving blade between tow counter springs to achieve a truly weightless cutting feel. Sensei Cryo-Tempered steel is subject to extreme low temperature annealing which extends the wear resistance scientifically by 40%. They stay sharp longer than other brands! Featuring: CONVEX BLADES This state of the art blade design is sharper and smoother cutting. Convex blades last longer because they start out sharper so it takes longer for them to dull. DURALITE™ STAINLESS STEEL This custom formulation of 440c Japanese Steel is triple tempered including -300° Cryogenic tempering. This improves the durability by 40% or in other words, nearly doubles the life of the edge! REVERSIBLE LEAF SPRING TENSION SYSTEM The leaf spring system spreads the pressure out lengthwise to stabilize the blades and make them wear more evenly. Only Sensei tension systems are reversible for lefties who use right handed shears!