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MarshMello Dematt Spray

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Your Natural Plant Extract Dematter! The Marshmello! ? A Natural Plant Extract creates the 'slippyness'!

  • Makes detangling & dematting easier on dogs!
  • Handy & robust for home or in dog grooming salons. Fits comfortably in hand, sprays in liberally-directly into matts & tangles.
  • Your Marshmello contains: Marshmallow plant, Aloe, Keratin, purified water, emulsifier, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate and fragrance. No Silicones!
  • Spritz in, let sit about 30 seconds to fully cover hair and matted fur, brush lightly in direction you want to dematt (helps to get fur all pointing same direction) - then work through a bit at a time. Your tools slide right through! Remember you can use your Marshmello to Fluff-Dry too!!

Available in 2 sizes: 16 oz & 33.8 oz