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iGroom Prebiotic Conditioner

SKU ICPB1.8357
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13.5oz/1 Gal REBALANCE YOUR PET SKIN’S NATURAL MICROBIOME NOURISHING AND STRENGTHENING THE COAT AND SKIN DETANGLES AND REJUVENATES DRY COATS WHILE ADDING SHINE iGroom Prebiotic conditioner helps to promote the growth of good bacteria while gently conditioning the coat and skin with the prebiotic ingredients. It also gently loosens tangles and excessive undercoats. This formula has a microbiome-friendly pH and retains the coat and skin’s natural moisture while helping your pet to maintain a healthy skin barrier and coat. iGroom prebiotic conditioner is great for pets with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Why choose iGroom Prebiotic conditioner? Restores radiantly silky coat through their natural biological systems Gently loosens tangles and excessive undercoat Promotes enrichment of good Bacteria Prebiotic hydration care Strengthening & regeneration of skin barrier Calming & soothing of sensitive skin