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Hydrosurge® Oatmeal Soothing Apple Scent Shampoo

SKU:  HY415

HydroSurge Oatmeal Soothing Shampoo relieves dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Made with 2% micronized oatmeal extract, it will sooth the skin while restoring the moisture. Formulated with natural moisturizers including honey, coconut oil, aloe vera, and avocado oils, as well as vitamins A, D, and E. Features a long lasting Fresh Apple fragrance.

The #1 Brand of shampoo used by professional groomers!

  • Relieves dry, itchy, and flaky skin
  • Made with 2% oatmeal extract
  • Formulated with honey, coconut oil, aloe vera and avocado oil
  • All natural and naturally derived ingredients
  • Long lasting Fresh Apple fragrance
  • A higher level of surfactants (cleaning ingredients) than traditional retail products
  • The #1 Brand of shampoo used by Professional Groomers
  • Proudly made in USA