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Artero Shampoo Sample Kit

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Artero Shampoo Sample Kit Includes:

Artero Blanc 9 oz :

A shampoo designed for the care of white, black and grey coats intensifying natural color.
It's soft, tensoactive properties along with the gentle shade of the product, help clean and leave the coat looking bright and shiny.
Never has there been such an effective formula in the elimination of yellow tones from white coats.

Artero Vitalizing Shampoo 9 oz:

A shampoo recommended for breeds with wire coats such as Schnauzers, Terriers, etc... or breeds requiring volume (Poodle, Bobtail, Kerry Blue,...).
A very mild shampoo, ideal for sensitive skins or frequent washes.
Its antiseptic relaxing properties produce balsamic effects on skin.
The vitamin complex of this formula adds nutritionally to the coat, strengthening and helping regeneration. Leaves coat shiny and full of vitality. 

Artero Moisturizing Shampoo 9 oz:

An ideal shampoo for long-haired breeds (Yorkshire, Lhasa Apso, Maltés, Afgano, etc.) and on dry and deteriorated coats.
Very mild with a base of natural surface-active agents. The relaxing properties of this shampoo produce a balsamic effect on the skin.
The vitamin complex deeply nourishes the coat, and the moisturising and oil restoring components help recover the natural texture of the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and full of vitality.