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Andis UltraEdge Cat

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All New Andis UltraEdge™ Black Cat Blades feature EGT (Electro Glide Technology) coating which enables the blade to cut faster and resists rust. Electro-Glide Technology™ feeds hair smoothly and reduces corrosion. The exclusive blade design for feline grooming helps reduce track lines. Available in this Unique black color making them easy to identify. •Fits Models (Item): AG 21465, AGC2 22330, AGC2 22405, AGC2 22440, AGC2 22445, AGC2 22465, AGC2 23085, AGC2 23090, AGCL 23170, AGCL 23225, SMC 63205, AGRC 63785, AGR+ 63855, AGC 264575 FITS ALL A-5 STYLE CLIPPERS including Andis, Conair, Laube, Lister, Oster & Wahl