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AKC Complete Dog Book 22nd Edition


The New Complete Dog Book is the American Kennel Club's bible of dogs, the one book that every purebred dog aficionado and expert needs. A celebration of every breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club-over 200 breeds. This volume offers readers:

  • Official standard for every AKC-recognized breed-over 50 more than the previous edition-including seven variety Groups and the Miscellaneous Class
  • Newly written breed histories, puppy-buying tips, and pet attributes and profiles of each breed, written by the 200 AKC national parent clubs
  • Illustrated glossary of canine terminology

The New Complete Dog Book has been completely reformatted, with over 800 color photographs. Along with complete breed information, it spotlights finding well-bred puppies, sports and activities for dogs and owners, AKC programs, and canine anatomy. This 22nd edition of The American Kennel Club's New Complete Dog Book belongs in every dog lover's home, the library of every town and institution, and each dog club reference section in America.

  • Completely reformatted and updated
  • Illustrated with over 800 color photographs
  • Complete breed information on all AKC-recognized breeds
  • Illustrated glossary of canine terminology
  • Includes information on dog sports and activities and AKC programs


912 pages

Size: 7.4" x 9.5"


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