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Frequently Asked Questions

Frank Rowe & Son repairs Electric Cleaner Company K-9 dryers and EZ Groom EZ Dry dryers. If you have a brand not listed, please call 717-616-8646 before you ship your dryer to us.

No. We do not require you to send the dryer hose, nozzles, or filter.

It is recommended to have your dryer service every 1-2 years.

You might decide you would rather purchase a new dryer instead of investing more into your current dryer. Frank Rowe & Son will contact you for authorization to continue repairs if your dryer repair is expected to exceed $100. Repairs under this amount will automatically be repaired and charged accordingly.

No, Frank Rowe & Son will disassemble and evaluate your dryer at no charge. If you decide you do not want to proceed with repairs, Frank Rowe & Son will return or dispose of the dryer as directed by the customer. There will be a $15 reassembly fee if you want the dryer reassembled and returned.

No. Return shipping costs on all service and repair orders are calculated by location, size, and weight. The actual shipping amount will be charged.

Yes, Frank Rowe & Son offers a RUSH service for an additional fee.

Your dryer may need new brushes or a new motor. If these items have recently replaced, be sure to clean your dryer hose to remove any residue.

Need some help?

Call 717-616-8646 or send us a message with our Contact Form.