Stripping Knives

Frank Rowe & Son offers a selection of dog stripping knives that support a variety of different types of dog hairs. With a stripping knife from respectable brands like Greyhound and Madan, grooming your dog will become an seamless task. Contact us today if you need assistance with selecting the ideal stripping knife for your dog.

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Stripping Knives & Stones

Are you looking for a tool that can take care of your wiry-coated clients? Dog stripping knives and stones help remove matted fur harmlessly. Simply hold the stripping knife or stone at the right angle on the fur, and mats will easily pull out with no pain to the pet. There are many types of stripping knives to consider, as well as brands to choose from, so it's important to know the uses for each and how they differ. 

Trusted Brands

Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. carries the brands you know and trust for all of your grooming needs, including stripping knives and stone manufacturers. Brands such as Aaronco, Jodi Murphy and Artero position themselves as the best in the market. 

Aaronco Stripping Knives

As mentioned, stripping knives remove the overcoat to make for neater fur. Aaronco stripping knives remain some of the best and most trusted for groomers. Built specially to help groomers find the correct stripping angle, Aaronco ensures quality in each knife they make. 

Jodi Murphy Carding Knives

Jodi Murphy offers a quality line of carding knives. Carding is similar to stripping in that it makes the coat neater. However, it removes the undercoat of the fur that builds up over time. 

Artero Stripping Knives

Artero offers a wide variety of striping knives depending on the dog breed and what part of the body you're working on. They help thin out a heavy undercoat and are comfortable to hold for extended periods. 

Types of Stripping Tools 

Stripping tools work best on dogs with wiry coats. They keep a dog's fur looking neat by getting any mats out. Many types of stripping tools exist for each type of fur, so it is important to know which ones to use in particular situations. 

Extra-Fine Stripping Knives

A groomer needs a different stripping knife for each dog with a different type of fur. Extra-fine stripping knives handle the smallest, thinnest hairs a pet may have. 

Fine Stripping Knives

Fine hair requires a specific stripping knife that can hold onto the thin hairs. Fine stripping knives have teeth that are closer together to grip these hairs. 

Medium Stripping Knives

The medium stripping knife does the same job as other stripping knives, but it specializes in removing medium-width hairs. 

Coarse Stripping Knives 

This type of stripping knife helps remove excess fur from pets with coarse hair. The blade features room between the teeth that can grip thicker fur. 

Face Stripping Knives

Face stripping knives handle the sensitive area around the face. The size of the blade allows for precision when making the face look neater. Since groomers have a smaller area to work with, the blade needs to get into the smallest sections of the face. 

Stripping Knife Sets 

Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. carries full sets of stripping knives to give you options for your various grooming clients' coats. 

Carding Knives

Although not technically a stripping knife, carding knives do a similar job. They remove the undercoat from below the top coat without breaking the fur. Undercoats build up over time and need removal for sanitary purposes. 

Pumice Stone

A pumice stone allows you to take away loose hairs from the coat without bending your wrist or breaking the coat. A groomer just needs to brush over the fur with the stone to remove loose fur. 

Not Sure What Stripping Knives You Need? We Can Help! 

If you are unsure of the stripping knives you need for your clients, we are ready you help. Our customer service team loves to help you finding the best tools for your business. Contact us today for advice from our expert grooming team!