Stripping Tools

Dog stripping can be a rough task without the right tools. Frank Rowe and Son Inc. offers professional stripping tools from top brands in order to assist groomers with their task. Choose from a variety of brands and shapes. If you need assistance with selecting the right stripping tools for your dog, then please contact us.
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Dog Coat Stripping Tools for Sale

Dogs with wiry-coats need special care to keep their coats rich and beautiful. That's why we stock the best dog grooming stripping tools — help you pull out the dead top coat so that the fresh coat can grow. Our stripping combs for dogs are specially designed to help you remove the thick, dead guard hair so that the hair follicles aren’t blocked.

Benefits of Purchasing the Best Dog Coat Stripping Tools

Some of the features and qualities you're sure to love in these stripping brushes and combs for dogs include their:

  • Ergonomic design: At Frank Rowe & Son Inc., we sell coat stripping tools that are designed by experts and produced with high precision. The handle provides the most comfortable grip while cutting.

  • Rubber handles: Most of our stripping tools come fitted with handles that allow you to grip the tool without pain for a long time. You’ll feel relaxed as you use them, unlike the pain you feel after handling traditional knives for over 30 minutes.

  • Curved cutting edges: You won't have to worry about injuring the dog you’re grooming. The curved part of the blade won't touch the skin or body of the pet.

  • Easy-to-use quality: As you comb through the hair strands, these blade tips will skid on the body surface and glide through the dog's hair strands. This process makes the operation safe and enjoyable for you and the dog.

Dog Coat Stripping Tools for Professional Groomers

Professional dog groomers need to invest in dog coat stripping tools, as clients will bring various dog breeds that need hand stripping to remain healthy. Fortunately, we have a collection of stripping tools, combs, brushes and blades that make this process faster, safer and more comfortable. When you buy any of our top-of-the-line stripping tools, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Greater efficiency: Hand stripping is normally time-consuming, but with our specially designed stripping tools, you can perform the stripping faster and with better accuracy.
  • Durable construction: We offer dog coat stripping tools that are made to last. The blades are made of hardened stainless steel, so they remain sharp after repeated use.
  • Safer stripping: You can strip the coat safely because the blades have curved and rounded edges. This design allows you to focus on getting the job done quickly instead of worrying about keeping the dog from getting hurt.
  • Comfortable operation: Our stripping tools have contoured rubber handles that fit comfortably and securely in your hand. They allow you to work comfortably and give you better control of the tool.
  • Multiple uses: We stock stripping tools with multiple blades. You can buy a single tool that has up to five blades — some strip a very thick or a medium-textured coat while others work for finer, softer coats.
  • Clean stripping: When you need to strip a coat deeply for clean and healthy skin, we have you covered. You can rely on our dog coat stripping tools for quick and efficient results.

Why You Should Buy From Frank Rowe & Son Inc.

If you're looking for more than just a good product from your shopping experience, you'll be happy to know that we always provide:

  • Personalized service: We give one-of-a-kind personal service when anyone calls us. We'll take your calls and answer all your questions, so you can get the best hand stripping tool for your grooming business or for personal use.

  • Free shipping: When you make a purchase that’s worth more than $95, we’ll give you the extra benefit of free shipping. This service is available to our customers residing in any of the 48 continental states.

  • Service and repairs: We’re authorized by the major brand manufacturers of grooming supplies to provide repairs, so you can rely on us to help you service your stripping tools or repair damaged tools.

  • Over 40 years’ experience: Since 1973, we’ve been providing top-notch service to professional pet groomers. Now, you can also start enjoying the first-class service we offer our existing clients. We know grooming tools inside and out, so we can help you select the best tools for your practice.

  • After-sales support: We won't abandon you after you buy from us. Even after the warranty period is over, we’ll still help you take care of your grooming tools.

  • Professional tips: When you need advice or recommendations for hand stripping tools, like a stripping brush for dogs or any other grooming tool, we’ll offer you guidance free of charge.

Buy Your Dog Coat Stripping Tools Online Today & Enjoy Them ASAP

To get the best stripping tools available on the market today, browse our inventory and order online. You can also give us a call at (717) 616-8646 with your questions or contact us online. We’ll recommend the best tool for your business and provide the support you need to use the tool profitably.