Frank Rowe & Son Inc. offers a variety of dog harnesses and restraints to assist professional groomers restrain a pet for grooming needs. Choose from a number of dog harnesses like: belly bands, collars, leads and leashes, grooming loops, and no-sits. All of these harnesses are designed specifically to help control your dog. In addition to pet restraints, we offer supplies, clipper service and repair, along with clipper blade and scissor sharpening.
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Pet grooming is a great and profitable job, but it has risks attached to it. We have a passion to protect professional groomers and the pets they work on. That's why we carry a wide range of pet grooming restraints for sale. Frank Rowe is the place to go when you need the best dog grooming restraint equipment. Through our store, you can find the most reliable dog grooming harness options to prevent dogs from jumping off the grooming table, and in turn, keep them safe and sound.

What You Can Expect When You Buy Our Pet Grooming Restraints

Some of the best features you'll find in our restraints include:

  • Strength: We have restraint loops and dog harnesses that can hold a dog weighing several hundred pounds in place during grooming. These grooming restraint loops can give you peace of mind and help you accomplish the grooming task faster.

  • Pet-friendly designs: At Frank Rowe & Son Inc., you can get grooming loops that are comfortable. They have soft cushions that protect the neck and coat of the pet. The restraint loop or band won’t absorb dirt or odors, so you can use it all day for any pet you want.

  • Durability: We stock professional-quality grooming restraints that are rated as the best in the market. In our online store, you can find grooming loops made of stainless steel, brass and aluminum. They don't absorb water, and they’re corrosion resistant. Use them when you want to give the pet a bath or trim the fur on their coat.

  • Flexibility: All the grooming restraints we sell are adjustable. You can use one for various sizes of dogs or cats. We also ensure that they’re simple to adjust. They’re incredibly easy to put on and slip off the necks of all kinds of pets.

  • An easy-to-maintain nature: You’ll love the dog harnesses we offer for the fact that they’re easy to clean and maintain. Since they don't absorb moisture, you can clean them quickly.

Pet Grooming Restraints for Professional Groomers

We know you need a variety of grooming restraints to take care of different types of dogs. Since you're a professional, your clients will trust you with dogs of all sizes and temperaments. To accommodate, we've provided different types of bands, harnesses, restraints and loops to help you groom pets safely. Our harnesses will offer you the following benefits:

  • Improved safety: We want you to enjoy a safer environment in your grooming salon. These grooming harnesses will help you keep the pets safe. They won't be able to jump off the table and injure themselves, you, other pets or their owners during grooming.

  • Faster grooming: You can increase your grooming speed with these harnesses. You won't need to bother about keeping the animal steady, which will let you more effectively concentrate on grooming. The pet will also remain calm, so you can work more efficiently.

  • Better pet management: When you tend to deal with several different pets within a short timeframe, you usually have more than one pet in your salon at any given time. With quality harnesses, you can keep the animals from attacking each other even when you’re not attending to them immediately.

  • Variety and completeness: We offer you various type of grooming harnesses. Some are for small dog species while others are perfect for grooming large dogs. You can get all the harnesses you need to stock your grooming kit, so you can work with all sizes and breeds of dogs for different customers.

Why You Should Buy Pet Grooming Restraints From Frank Rowe & Son Inc.

When you partner with us for your pet grooming supplies, you also gain access to:

  • Unique personal service: You'll have access to special, personalized service when you choose to buy grooming restraints from our online store. Unlike big stores, we’ll personally attend to your phone calls and tell you the exact kind of harness for dog grooming you need to buy. We provide answers to all your questions immediately.

  • Advice from seasoned professionals: Take advantage of the professional tips and recommendations we give to our esteemed clients. If you pick up the phone and call now, a member of our team will tell you all you need to know to select the best grooming harness for your work.

  • Forty years of experience: Enjoy the full benefit of the more than four decades of experience we have in the pet grooming supplies industry. We provide the best brands of grooming restraints, and we've proven to deliver excellent service and results to professional groomers.

  • Superior after-sales service: No matter what happens to your grooming restraints after you buy them, we can fix them for you. We offer the best after-sales service in the industry. If you discover that any part of the grooming harness isn’t working as expected, send it back to us, and we’ll promptly make it right.

Contact Us for Assistance & Buy Grooming Restraints Online Today!

Contact us online or call us at (717) 616-8646 to get all the free information you need about grooming restraints, from size to quality and durability. Ready to buy now? Browse our online catalog for industry-leading supplies.