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Caring for a dog's coat requires appropriate brushes to make grooming a simple and great experience. Frank Rowe and Son Inc. offers professional dog brushes, combs, and rakes to support a variety of dog coats. Puppies, poodles, or pugs...we have brushes and combs to handle the job!
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Dog Grooming Brushes and Combs for Sale

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. is the best place to get professional dog grooming brushes and combs to straighten a pet's coat and remove tangled, matted hair. When you want to buy dog grooming brushes online, we provide personalized service by giving you professional advice and answering all your questions. That's why Frank Rowe is the place to go for dog grooming brushes. You’ll get the kind of customer service you can't always receive through big online stores.

From bristle brushes to wire pin, matt zappers and slicker brushes, we have a large stock of professional dog grooming brushes for sale. We’re committed to helping you get all the brushes and combs you need to groom the widest range of pets.

Features and Benefits of Our Dog Grooming Brushes and Combs

Some of the best features of our industry-leading brushes and combs include:

  • Durability: When you’re using brushes for different dogs, they need to be strong, reliable and durable. We stand by our products because we stock only the best-quality professional brushes.
  • Variety: Get the full range of brushes you need for your grooming business. These brushes come in different types, sizes and shapes.
  • Attraction: Each brush looks great. Your clients will love the multiple colors and the nice aesthetics of each.
  • Flexibility: You’ll get the best double-sided brushes that allow you to work faster and more efficiently. We also have brushes that can be used to groom all types of coats.

Dog Grooming Brushes for Professional Groomers

You’ll find every type of grooming brush for short- and long-haired dogs in our store. Whether you need combs or brushes to remove tangled, matted hair or you need to groom long or double coats, we’ve got you covered. Options include:

  • Bristle brush: When you need to take out loose hair and smooth a pet’s fur, our bristle brushes will give any dog’s coat a lustrous and shiny look.
  • Pin brush: We have a large inventory of pin brushes. You can use them to groom many famous dog breeds, including poodles and terriers.
  • Double-sided brushes: These tools are a combination of pin and bristle brushes. When you have a medium or long coat, this kind of brush will allow you to groom the dog quickly.
  • Slicker brush: You’ll need a slicker brush when dealing with knots and tangles after using a pin or bristle tool. This type of brush is ideal for dogs with curly coats and those that shed lots of hair.

Why You Should Buy From Frank Rowe & Son Inc.

We provide many services that big online retailers don’t offer, such as:

  • Unique customer service: We'll pay close attention to your pet grooming needs. You can always get the best customer service and support from us.
  • Special after-sales service: We won't leave you alone after you buy a grooming brush or comb from us. We ensure that the brush will give you optimum performance. If it doesn’t, we’ll fix it for you right away.
  • Free shipping: If you live in the continental United States, we offer you free shipping when you buy products worth more than $95.

Shop the Best Pet Grooming Brushes

Reach out to us online or give us a call at (717) 616-8646 to get free professional advice on choosing the best grooming brush for your business or to take care of your pets at home. If you already know what you want, browse our inventory and place your order online today!