Curved Scissors

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. offers great deals on curved scissors for dog grooming along with blenders and thinning scissors for dogs. Our curved scissors come from respectable brands in the dog grooming industry such as: Millers Forge, Heritage, Nice and Sharp, Andis, as well as our own Frank Rowe and Son brand! Browse our fantastic line of curved scissors for grooming dogs and let us know if you need assistance selecting the perfect pair of scissors.

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Curved Grooming Scissors 

Every groomer has a set of standard grooming scissors that help them trim a pet's fur in a curved fashion. Within their arsenal of trimming tools, groomers must have a way to cut fur into the proper shape that an owner wants. While most dogs' haircuts simply require a clipper, some breeds benefit from curved grooming scissors so you can reach specific areas that normal clippers cannot.

Curved grooming shears assist with cutting the fur into a rounded shape. The blades are concave to match the curve of the pet's body shape. Most often seen on poodles and other fluffy breeds, the curved look requires these specific scissors to follow the line normal scissors cannot cut. Areas that typically need curved shears include the legs, feet, chest and face that naturally have a curve.

Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. carries the top brands of curved scissors in multiple sizes for all groomers' preferences. Each size helps the groomer get the most precise edge appropriate for the dog's breed and owner's desire.  

Andis Curved Scissors

Andis brand curved scissors have proven their quality from years of use by many groomers. We carry the 8-inch scissors by Andis for shaping larger areas. You can expect durable stainless steel that will make the difference in haircuts for years. 

Artero Curved Scissors

We also stock Artero curved scissors in three sizes. With several different models to choose from, Artero earns high marks from groomers who use them in their operation. Concave blades made of quality stainless steel will offer great value for your business. 

Heritage Curved Scissors

Our Heritage curved scissors offer another asset to your set of trimming tools. At 6 inches in length, they are a medium size for snipping hair. Heritage adds safety features to their curved shears with a safety tip to prevent injury and molded grip for better handling. 

Nice and Sharp Curved Scissors

Nice and Sharp brand curved scissors come in a 7.25-inch size to give groomers the best cut as they shape a pet's fur. The features of these curved grooming shears include tempered stainless steel and a leather case for safekeeping. 

Millers Forge Curved Scissors

In addition to the other brands, Millers Forge produces curved grooming shears to achieve the ideal look that your clients want for their dog. Measuring at 4 inches, the Millers Forge curved scissors best suit trimming the nose and ear areas. 

Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. Curved Scissors 

Along with these high-quality brands, Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. makes our own curved scissors. From our own expertise, we created several pairs of curved shears to act as the perfect tool for our customers. Our curved grooming shears measure 8.5 inches and have shorter shanks for optimal trimming. 

We Can Help You Find the Best Shears for Your Needs

Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. carries all of the sizes and features you need in your scissor collection. Check out our selection of curved scissors for dog grooming. We will help you find the best pair for your needs when you contact us today.