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Professional Grooming Tools

Professional grade grooming tools are essential for any grooming business. Good grooming promotes a pet's health and helps any breed look and smell its best. Professional products from Frank Rowe & Son Inc. are flexible enough to handle almost any coat length. They stand up to frequent, heavy use and work well in a variety of settings.

When you need a range of grooming tools to help grow your business, Frank Rowe & Son Inc. is the place to go.

Grooming Tools

Your arsenal of grooming tools should include shears, combs, brushes, thinners, knives, rakes, nail tools, restraints and other products.

Grooming Shears, Thinners, Rakes and Knives

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. offers thinning shears and other tools from top brands such as Millers Forge, Heritage, Nice and Sharp, Andis and even our own Frank Rowe and Son brand. Our grooming products include:

  • Shears: Beveled edge shears are one of the most flexible options and are ideal for thick coats. Straight edge scissors can help clean up smaller areas and knots. Rounded grooming shears are perfect for trimming poodles and curly-haired breeds. Artero grooming shears have been among the most respected names in the industry since the early 1900s.
  • Thinners: Thinning scissors have notched blades to get at hair under the top coat, perfect for Pomeranians and other breeds with thick coats. Grooming thinners like the Aaronco Kokupa 4.5" Tiny Thinner can be used on smaller breeds.
  • Rakes: These tools help remove matting and dead fur from the undercoat of thick-coated dogs. We carry respected brands like Artero, Wahl and Andis.
  • Knives: Stripping knives are used for detailed work to give some breeds, such as terriers, a distinctive look. Aaronco knives are ergonomically designed for comfort and made from elegant handcrafted hardwoods and Japanese-forged blades.

Grooming Combs and Brushes

Brushes and combs are important for moving hair into place as well as removing debris and keeping coats healthy. Frank Rowe & Son Inc. carries combs and brushes in different varieties and sizes for every job.

The Aussie Dog grooming brush has rubber pins for better comfort and a moving head for more control. Kong Zoom Groom Cat is a rubber brush tool specifically designed to groom cats with comfort.

A grooming comb like Honeycomb or Resco detangles fur and can even get out knots. Choose fine toothed combs like Artero metal combs for detail work and final tidying or Utsumi combs with wider spaced teeth for coarser fur.

Grooming Nail Care Tools

Nail care is essential for a pet's appearance, safety and health. Keeping claws trimmed helps prevent scratches on people and furniture as well as skin problems, irritation and other issues.

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. carries high-quality professional nail care products for groomers. Our products include ergonomic handles and rugged construction. We make sure all our motorized products have quiet motors to ensure pets feel no distress during grooming. Our nail care products include:

  • Grinders: Wahl and Andis corded and cordless grinders are ideal for trimming nails fast.
  • Nail clippers: Manual clippers from Aussie Dog, Andis, Resco and Safari are perfect for when an electronic or motorized trimmer is not ideal.
  • Nail files: Aaronco and Safari files let you clean up after trimming and achieve a smooth shape.
  • Healing powders and tips: Black Gold and Black Gold Blonde, Kwik Stop, Nail-Safe and Clotisol can help with blood clotting and wound repair.

Grooming Restraints

For the safety of both groomer and pet, restraints keep a dog or cat in place to ensure a quick, painless grooming process. At Frank Rowe & Son Inc., we carry:

  • Belly bands: Belly bands are a comfortable way to limit a dog’s movements while still providing comfort. Bands prevent the dog from sitting down, allowing access to the fur. We carry 30” and 46” inch bands for different breeds.
  • Collars: We have Soft Paws and Kong collars, perfect for cats and dogs that are not used to grooming.
  • Leads and leashes: Leads and leashes are the traditional way to restrain a dog. They help move a dog from one area of the grooming space to another.
  • Grooming loops: Grooming loops are a safe way to get a dog upright and attached to a grooming arm and tether without getting close to the dog’s mouth. Grooming loops ensure dogs sit up for grooming, are fast to lock, tighten and release and cause less stress for the dog. At Frank Rowe & Son Inc., we carry Alpha Pro and Proguard loops.
  • No-sits: As their name suggests, these restraints keep the dog from sitting down, allowing groomers to address the fur under the belly. We carry Proguard no-sits, one of the most respected brands in the industry.

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Frank Rowe & Son Inc. has been a family business since 1973, helping groomers across the country serve customers better. As an authorized distributor, your manufacturer warranty will remain valid when you buy accessories and products from us.

For three generations, Frank Rowe & Son Inc. has been known for providing quality, professional grade products. We offer one-of-a-kind, personal customer service and helpful advice on everything grooming. Plus, take advantage of free shipping on orders over $95 in the continental 48.

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