Dryer Accessories

Looking to enhance your dog grooming dryer? Frank Rowe and Son Inc. has a variety of dryer accessories to help you achieve professional results! Improve your grooming dryer with new dryer tips, filters, hoses, and more!

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Dryer Accessories for Grooming

Dryers are some of the most important pieces of equipment in any pet grooming business. Not only can dryers get a dog dry and comfortable, but dryers can also help achieve a specific style. In addition, dryers are important for the health of pets. By removing water from the fur and skin, they help keep cats and dogs healthier and can help prevent skin irritation. 

Dryer accessories, such as filters, tips and hoses, help make your dryers run even more efficiently. They also allow you to work with a range of pets and offer many looks. Frank Rowe & Son Inc. has a variety of accessories to fit your professional pet grooming dryers.

Dryer Tips

Replacement tips for grooming dryers are vital because they allow you to groom different kinds of fur. You can use longer attachments to handle long-haired dogs or brush attachments for shorter coats. Tips also concentrate the air leaving the dryer, helping you get a pet dryer faster. Some nozzles are specially made for detail work to get that perfect “look.”

Dryer Filters

Pet grooming dryer filters protect the motor in your dryer from hair, dust and debris. Filters allow your professional dryer to work at its best and also ensure your investment lasts longer. Some filters snap in and out and can even be washed and reused. Others are one-use only. Always read the instructions that came with your dryer to get the right filter replacement as needed.

Dryer Hoses

Grooming dryer hoses are important to make your dryer as flexible as possible. You can purchase longer hoses to extend the reach of your dryer, which is important if you are on the go or you need the flexibility of being able to move around easily while grooming. Some hose and duct kits also allow you to attach dryers to multiple cages, allowing you to groom more than one dog at once.

Other Accessories

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. also offers many additional types of accessories, including:

  • Mounts. Wall mount brackets, hanger attachments and dryer holders keep your dryers in place and keep your hands free, allowing you to work with dogs and focus on grooming. Hangers and mounts also give you more control, letting you direct air where needed.
  • Cage hangers with air flow control. Cage hangers allow you to attach and correctly position a dryer, but they also let you control the amount of air flow entering a cage.
  • Clamps. Nozzle and hose clamps allow you to attach accessories securely to your dryer.
  • Monkey cords. These colorful accessories help keep your cords from getting tangled, keeping your business organized.

B-Air Dryer Accessories

B-Air produces ETL certified and CE approved professional grooming dryers for cats and dogs, including the accessories to match. With more than 20 years in the industry, B-Air is a trusted name in clamps, nozzles, hoses and other dryer accessories.

K-9 Dryer Accessories

If you have professional K-9 pet grooming dryers, invest in quality K-9 accessories, such as filters, to match the make and model of your products. The Wisconsin-based company stands by all their products, which are made from durable, quality materials.

Let’s Find the Perfect Dryer Accessory for You

If you’re looking for pet dryer accessories, take a look at the selection at Frank Rowe & Son Inc. You can also call us at 717-616-8646 to speak to a human.