Forced Air Dryer

Considering a forced air dryer for pet grooming? Frank Rowe & Son Inc. offers B-Air and K-9 forced air dryers designed to reduce drying time safely.

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Forced Air Dryers for Grooming

Forced air dryers for dogs do a lot more than dry. Professional-grade dryers offer variable speeds to let you dry dogs of various sizes and fur types. These rugged machines can even help you with detail work.

If you’re in the market for forced air dryers, Frank Rowe & Son Inc. is the place to go for quality professional machines and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to help you find the right product for your needs.

B-Air® Dryers

B-Air has been in business for more than 20 years and is respected among professional dog groomers for the quality of their dryers and for a wide range of products. In your pet salon, multiple B-Air forced air dryers can help you with a variety of grooming tasks. Frank Rowe & Son Inc. carries:

  • The B-Air Bear Power Dryer I. This powerful but lightweight option is ideal for smaller pet salons or for mobile services. Different nozzles work for thick-coated dogs and for smaller pets. The slot nozzle is perfect for long fur.
  • The B-Air Pro Series II. This is a very powerful dryer for shorter drying times. It is also quiet — one of the quietest professional forced air dryers on the market. It is very portable and will work with smaller, nervous pets or larger animals that require more maneuverability.

K-9 Forced Air Dryers

K-9 Dryers have been providing quality forced air dryers for pet grooming as well as other animal grooming products for more than 30 years. K-9 products are sold worldwide and are used by groomers, dog shows and other professionals. Frank Rowe & Son Inc. carries a few options from this manufacturer:

  • The K9 II Variable Speed Dog Dryer. This versatile dryer is easily adjustable to dry from 0 to 240 CFM. It works well on long fur, smooth coats and thick double-coated breeds.
  • The K-9 III Dog Dryer. This dryer is ideal for double-coated animals and thick-coated animals. It is also flexible and quiet enough for detail work.
  • The Mini K-9 Dog Dryer. The mini dog dryer is small and portable but versatile. Two speeds and two temperatures allow you to groom different breeds with this dryer.
  • The K-9 Fluffer Dog Dryer. This option offers a lot of control and is perfect for show dogs, mini toy dogs and detail work.

Benefits of Forced Air Dryers

For the busy pet salon, forced air dryers have several advantages, such as:

  • Powerful enough to cut drying time, making them ideal for busy professionals and animals who don’t like being exposed to grooming for long periods
  • Flexible and let you keep a pet safe from high heat
  • Reliant on blasts of air to remove water, meaning there is less risk of heat-related injury
  • Quiet, allowing you to work with nervous pet customers
  • Versatile and powerful enough to work on large and small animals and in a variety of environments, including mobile services

Let’s Find the Perfect Dryer for You

Take a look at our range of forced dryers. If you have any questions about choosing the right dryer for you or ordering, contact us at 717-616-8646.