Hand Held Dryers

Pet dryers are a convenient dog grooming accessory to have on hand to achieve professional grooming results for your dog! Browse from Frank Rowe and Son Inc.'s selection of pet dryers to discover quality dryers that will make grooming your pet easier.
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Hand-Held Dryers for Grooming

You may use a hair dryer to dry your hair after a swim or shower, but human dryers are not the choice for professional pet groomers. The noise and heat of these intended-for-humans devices can cause injury to animals. In addition, many dogs have up to 20 times more fur than humans have hair, so a more powerful dryer is needed.

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. has professional handheld grooming dryers intended for pet grooming. Our dryers are from some of the most trusted brands in the industry, and our exceptional service and knowledgeable team can help you find the right solution for your pet grooming business.


There are no hand-held dryers available from K-9. However, the company does offer a mini forced air dryer that is small and has the same advantage of very quiet operation. The K-9 forced air dryers can be used with the K-9 Dryer Table Mount T-Wand, which offers more flexibility.The wand is a rugged welded metal that will not get too hot and will even free up your hands during drying and grooming. This can make a good alternative to both hand-held dryers and stand dryers.


The Andis hand-held dryer is similar in function to a dryer intended for humans, but it is designed specifically for dogs and cats. These dryers are competitively priced and flexible enough to leave out for touch-ups. Andis dryers are made to be quiet, and they are designed to ensure pet hair and skin doesn't get dried out, making them gentler than human dryers. The technology of these dryers breaks up water molecules, allowing for fast drying times.

Benefits of Hand-Held Dryers

Professionals who specialize in small or timid animals often find the best hand-held dryers for groomers are flexible enough to work for cats, nervous dogs and other animals that require a little extra work. Hand-held dryers involve a lot of human-animal interaction, which can be reassuring, and these devices are less intimidating and often quieter than larger dryers.

Some pets have hard-to-reach areas, and the added maneuverability of hand-held dryers can make grooming these dogs or cats simpler. Some grooming professionals also prefer the flexibility of hand dryers. For even more versatility, hand-held dryers can be used with dryer holders, which can keep the dryer stationary over a grooming table and allows professionals to adjust the air as needed.

Another advantage of handheld dryers is that they can be used to fluff dry sheepdogs, poodles, Afghan hounds and other breeds where a fluffy look is desired. Fluff drying involves brushing the hair upward as air is blown on the coat, carefully avoiding the animal’s ears and eyes.

Let’s Find the Perfect Dryer for You

Are you in the market for a hand dryer for your professional pet business? Take a look at the online catalog here at Frank Rowe & Son Inc. If you’d like to speak to a person with experience in pet grooming about your needs, call us at 717-616-8646.