Cage Dryers

Interested in new pet cage dryers? Frank Rowe & Son Inc. offers cage dryers designed for safe, efficient drying. Check out the XPower X800 dryer; it offers power and safety necessary for professional pet drying needs.

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Cage Dryers for Grooming Dogs

Cage dryers use air to dry off a dog, reducing dry time and creating a more groomed appearance when compared with towel drying. Cage dryers can also be a hands-off system for drying dogs, which is an excellent choice for busy shops.

Today’s dryers, especially, focus on safety and versatility so you get the performance you want. Frank Rowe & Son Inc. has a range of models and accessories so you can get the right dryer system for your grooming business.

The XPower® Cage Dryer

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. is pleased to offer cage dryer from XPower, X800. XPower has more than 20 years of experience in offering quality dryers for pet grooming professionals.

XPower dryers have no heating element but have a more powerful airflow. These dryers use ambient air to safely and quickly dry pet fur. These dryers are the ideal tool for many professional pet salons across the country and are the brand of choice for PetSmart and Petco.

The XPower X800 Dryer has a powerful brushless motor and multiple speed and timer settings, so you get the gentleness or force you need. They are adjustable to help you find the right angle, and come with a kit to dry up to three pets at once. The XPower X800 is rugged and sturdy, lasting many years in heavy-use, professional applications.

Benefits of Cage Dryers for Grooming

Cage dryers have many benefits. The high velocity of air dries fur more quickly, reducing the grooming time for dogs and ensuring you can get to everyone in your busy schedule. Drying a pet in a cage dryer also produces a soft, fluffy and no-static coat, which is appreciated by grooming professionals and human clients alike!

For professionals, cage dryers let one dog to be dried while another is washed or groomed, allowing for more work to get completed. Modern cage dryers also can be angled so they do not reach a dog’s eyes, which helps prevent eye dryness and irritation.

Please remember, any cage dryers that use heat need to be used with a thermometer to accurately regulate the air inside the cage and to prevent the interior from becoming too hot.

Let’s Find the Perfect Dryer for You

If you’re looking for the best cage dryer for grooming in your pet business, take a look at the selection we offer at Frank Rowe & Son Inc. If you need to speak with a real human about your needs or your dryer order, you can reach us at 717-616-8646.