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Frank Rowe & Son Inc. offers dog grooming dryers from B-Air and Electric Cleaner Co. We offer cage, forced air, combo kits, and more, plus dryer accessories.

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At Frank Rowe & Son Inc., you can get a high-quality pet grooming blow dryer for your pet grooming salon or for drying your pets at home. When you decide to buy a dog grooming hair dryer from us, we’ll guide you in choosing the best one for your needs.

We have a large stock of pet grooming dryers for sale in our store, and we'll offer personal advice to help you buy a dog blow dryer online without regrets. See some of the benefits of our products, and discover why Frank Rowe is the place to go when you need pet grooming supplies.

Benefits of Our Dog Grooming Blow Dryers for Your Grooming Business or Home Use

When you shop with us, you'll get dryers with some of the best features, such as:

  • Quick drying: You can find a wide range of grooming dryers that offer fast drying in our store. These dryers are great for large dogs. You can also use them for smaller dogs by adjusting the air flow.

  • Shedding prevention: To prevent the dogs you wash from shedding fur all over your salon, we offer quick-action dryers that keep the coat from becoming matted. As a result, dogs won’t become irritable and start looking for couches to lie on and shed their fur.

  • Safety: We focus on providing the safest dog dryers for your grooming practice.

  • Convenience: When you need a lightweight and energy-efficient dog grooming dryer, we're your best supplier. We stock dryers that are quiet and easy to use.

  • Durability: Our dryers have durable housing designs. Some are made of steel and are designed to last for many years with daily use.

  • Flexibility: The dual-speed operation allows you to groom very big dogs and medium-sized or small breeds. You can use the same dryer for a wide variety of dogs and save money.

Pet Grooming Dryers for Professional Groomers

If you're in the professional grooming industry, you'll love some of the advantages you can gain with our dog grooming blow dryers, including:

  • Multiple functions: Use our hair dryers to accomplish more than one task at a time. Our high-velocity dryer not only dries the coat but also straightens the fur.
  • Higher efficiency: We have dryers that will increase your efficiency and help you groom pets every day. Also, our dryers are designed to give you the best energy efficiency for dramatic cost savings.
  • A cleaner salon: When you buy one of our dryers for your grooming business, you’ll spend less time cleaning your salon each day.

Why You Should Buy From Frank Rowe & Son Inc.

We know you've got other options when you’re researching pet grooming dryers for sale online. But we offer some additional and exceptional services that you can't get from big stores, such as:

  • Excellent personal service: You don't have to keep wondering whether a dryer will be suitable for your grooming business. Simply give us a call, and we’ll answer all of your questions.
  • Superior after-sales support: If you discover that your dryer isn’t functioning the way you want, get in touch with us immediately. We'll make it right for you.
  • Extensive experience: We've been providing pet grooming supplies and services for over 40 years. You’ll enjoy the full benefits of our experience and expertise in this industry.
  • Free shipping: We offer free shipping in the 48 continental United States when you purchase products worth $95 or more.

Contact Us for Pet Grooming Dryers Today

Don't hesitate — browse our inventory and order online now. Your best pet grooming dryer can be in your hands within a few days. If you need more help, call us at (717) 616-8646 or contact us online, and we’ll recommend the best dog grooming dryer for your business or needs.