Clipper Accessories

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. carries a variety of clipper accessories to assist your professional grooming needs. Call us for replacement batteries, snap-on combs, Cool Care, or carry-all totes, or whatever you need. Looking for the ultimate source for grooming accessories? Frank Rowe and Son Inc. offers clipper accessories, service and repair, along with clipper blade and scissor sharpening to support every groomer.

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Clipper Accessories for Groomers

Clippers are the staple of your grooming business, allowing you to transform a scruffy pet into a well-groomed furry friend. Quality grooming clipper accessories such as snap-on combs, totes and battery accessories help you provide efficient service and make the most of your clippers in every situation.

Whether your grooming business is mobile or focused on large breeds, Frank Rowe & Son Inc. has accessories from the top brands to fit your unique needs. As a family business since 1973, we have helped generations of pet groomers get the superior products and service they have come to expect.

Snap On Combs for Clippers

A clipper comb snap on set helps you glide through thick, curly and heavy fur for a smooth cut. Different combs allow you to achieve different styles quickly depending on coat length. Simply snap on a new comb to achieve a different effect. Professional snap-on combs for groomers work with pro clippers and are designed with different dog breeds in mind.

Choose from the top brands at Frank Rowe & Son Inc., including:

  • Oster: Designed for various sizes of cats and dogs, Oster combs fit Oster blades and include combs from 1/16 inch (1.6mm) to 2 inches (50mm). These snap-on combs are color-coded and come in a storage container for convenience and easy access.
  • Wahl: Professional-quality stainless steel Wahl combs have smooth tips to offer fewer snags. A four-sided fit ensures stable attachment to #30 blades, including Andis, Conair, Wahl, Oster and Master Grooming Tool. Wahl combs come in a case and are color-coded.
  • Artero: Artero metallic snap on combs create coat lengths from 1 1/4 inches to 1/8 inch. They attach securely to blades.
  • Millers Forge: Looking for snap-on combs to fit Andis, Laube, Oster and Wahl clippers? Universal combs from Millers Forge do just that, and are made to snap on quickly and easily. You can control the depth of the cut for an even look every time.

Replacement Clipper Batteries and Cords

At a busy grooming salon, you need to keep your clippers working as hard as you do. With clipper batteries and cords, you can go cordless and always have enough power to run your favorite clippers.

The Andis Clipper Battery Pack lets your AGRC and AGR+ clippers go cordless. Plus, the Arco replacement battery is perfect for when you need some extra power. With a few extra cords in your tote bag, you’re ready for anything, whether it’s an important new client or a big dog show.

Clipper Cleaning and Care Products

In any grooming environment, cleanliness ensures proper hygiene and shows your level of professionalism. If you’re investing in Andis or Wahl clipper accessories and other professional-grade products, you can extend their life through cleaning routines.

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. carries the cleaning and care products you need, including:

  • Blade coolant: A product like Artero Oil Fresh Cooling Spray cools your blades down fast.
  • Blade all-in-one: Andis Cool Care Aerosol Spray cools, disinfects, lubricates, cleans and prevents rust on your blades, with no need to remove the blades from your clipper. These solutions can be used multiple times a day to decontaminate, wash away residue and keep your blades in excellent condition.
  • Blade lubricant: Lubricants designed for professional groomers keep your blades working at their best and are odorless and colorless. Andis Clipper Oil, for example, is designed for Oster and Wahl blades as well as shears.
  • Blade cleaner: A product like Andis Cool Care Aerosol Spray, ReDip Blade Cleaner & Storage solution or H-42 Spray keeps your blades clean and disinfected, ready for the next customer.
  • Sanitizing jars: For storing and disinfecting combs, blades and other accessories, fill a sanitizing jar with the fluid of your choice.
  • Clipper brushes: Brushes help sweep hair away from every crevice of your clippers before they are disinfected.

Buy Clipper Accessories From Frank Rowe & Son Today

Whether you’re looking for Wahl or Andis grooming clipper accessories, blade cleaner or a tote bag, turn to Frank Rowe & Son Inc. We focus on the needs of professional groomers with a wide range of products. If you ever have questions, our reliable and dedicated team is here to help.

Frank Rowe & Son Inc. has grown from a specialty business serving local groomers to a third-generation company and recognized name in the industry. We are an authorized distributor, so the manufacturer warranty for your blades and clippers will stay valid when you buy products from our store. We stand behind you and provide the products you need to grow your business.

With competitive pricing, secure online shopping and exceptional customer service, it’s easy to get the grooming clipper accessories you need from Frank Rowe & Son, Inc. Place your order today, or contact us if you have any questions!