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Frank Rowe and Son Inc. offers dog grooming tools and accessories to support groomers at every skill level. Check out the variety tools from snap-on combs to organizers to cleaners to oils, and more. Consider Frank Rowe and Son as your one-stop center for quality and affordable dog grooming tools and accessories. Our products are derived from the leading brands in the grooming industry!
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We stock the best brands of grooming clipper blade accessories. You can buy high-quality grooming clipper blade cases, clipper blade oil and various kits for clipper blade cleaning care. We provide blade accessories only from top brands and well-known manufactures of pet grooming supplies. This collection includes our inventory of Andis blade carrying cases and kits for Andis blade care along with brushes, racks and boxes from other manufacturers.

Our grooming blade accessories will help you protect your blades as well as organize and maintain them. They’ll also help you work faster and more efficiently. You’ll be able to groom more pets with an excellent finish.

Benefits You Get When Buying Our Clipper Blade Accessories

You'll find a number of top-notch features in these blade accessories, including:

  • Durability: When you buy any of the clipper blade accessories we offer, you’re making a good investment. Whether you buy a set of combs, a blade or comb case or blade oil, you’ll get great value for every dollar you spend. We stock only accessories made with durable, long-lasting materials and designs.

  • Compatibility: Our blade cases, combs and cleaning brushes can work with any of the popular brands of blades and clippers. If you’re using a Wahl, Oster or Andis clipper to groom pets, we have you covered. Our blade and comb cases help you easily store different sizes of blades and combs.

  • Ease-of-use: All of our blade accessories have intuitive designs that are easy to operate. The combs snap easily onto the blades. Blade and comb cases open and close with ease. And the blade sprays deliver cleaning or lubricating oil without hassle.

  • Variety: You’ll find a wide range of blade accessories in our online store. We cater to a variety of professional grooming needs and pet owners' tastes. Whether you need a fanciful blade case to place on your shelf, or you want tools and accessories for maintaining blades, we can meet your needs.

  • Convenience: We stock blade accessories that make pet grooming more convenient for you. Grooming isn’t always an easy task, so we offer you tools that make your job more efficient.

Grooming Clipper Blade Accessories for Professional Groomers

As a professional groomer, you need a variety of accessories to work quickly and provide efficient service to your clients. Here are some of the reasons you should try our clipper accessories.

  • Better organization: You must have several accessories as a professional groomer. This requirement means that you can easily misplace a small item. With our blade and comb cases and boxes, you’ll be able put all your combs and blades in cases that are easy to use and move around.

  • More efficient service: When you’re better organized, you can provide quicker service to your clients. They will then appreciate this speed and recommend your service to others.

  • Easier maintenance: If you use our blade care products, your blades will stay sharp for a longer time. They’ll also be much easier to clean after use.

Why You Need Clipper Oil and Wahl Clipper Cleaner for Your Blade

As a pet owner, you want to make sure you're buying blade accessories and other pet grooming supplies that will last. You also want quality equipment. In addition to investing in the top pet grooming equipment from name brands like Oster, Wahl and Andis, regular maintenance of your pet's clippers, blades, combs and other accessories is crucial to their longevity.

Enter clipper oil. Clipper oil is best for lubrication and will protect your blades and clippers from heat, friction and pet dander. Andis Clipper OilArtero Oil Fresh Cooling Spray and Wahl clipper cleaner are other lubricants designed to cool and clean hot blades. When it's used regularly, Wahl clipper cleaner promotes a long life for all pet clippers and is ideal for looking after your pet's coat.

All About Snap-On Combs

Snap-on combs, also known as dog clipper guards, are revered for offering a safe alternative to controlling the length of a pet's hair. Snap-on combs will attach to any blade's end so that they soften the cutting edge with their plastic.

Using a comb attachment is one of the best ways to ensure your pet has an even cut — even in all those hard to reach places. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pet groomer, snap-on combs are an excellent way to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet.

Even if you haven't yet perfected your technique or your hand slips, a snap-on comb will ensure that you don't hurt or poke your pet. It will also allow you to leave more hair on your dog or cat's body, especially if you think your pet may be averse to a skin-close cut.

At Frank Rowe & Son Inc., we carry snap-on combs in all the leading pet grooming brands — Wahl, Andis, Artero and Oster. Feel free to browse the following comb attachments:

Why You Should Buy From Frank Rowe & Son Inc.

A few of the many advantages you can gain from shopping with us include:

  • Excellent customer service: Frank Rowe is the place to go when you desire the best customer service in the industry. For over 40 years, we’ve been delivering top-notch service to our clients. We answer your phone calls promptly and attend to every complaint you have without delay.

  • Service and repairs: We’re authorized service and repair providers for all the main clipper brands. We’ve been servicing their products for over four decades, so we understand them very well. We can help you sharpen blades, fix clippers and handle any issues you may have with any product you buy from us. We’ll fix problems both during and after the warranty period.

  • Free shipping option: When you make a purchase that amounts to $95 or higher, we’ll provide free shipping. This option is available for customers living in the continental U.S.

  • Guaranteed after-sales support: Unlike the big online retailers, we offer personalized support for the products we sell to you. If anything happens to the product, we’ll help you fix it quickly.

  • Free professional advice: If you’re trying to decide on the best accessories to use for your grooming clippers, trust Frank Rowe & Son Inc. We’re committed to helping you choose the best accessories to help with your grooming work.

Give Us a Call Now

Call us immediately at (717) 616-8646 if you need high-quality blade accessories for your professional grooming work, or contact us online. We’ll give you free industry-leading tips and help you choose the best accessories for your clippers. Already know what you need? Browse our inventory and order online today!